Qualitative empirical research in legal communication (LWI 2016)

This post will ultimately include the presentation slides, handout, and annotated bibliography for my presentation/workshop at the Legal Writing Institute in Portland OR on July 13, 2016. (Until the session is over, only the bibliography will appear here.)

Presentation slides (with notes)

This PDF includes my slides and my (sometimes extensive) notes on them. Try to ignore the little cues on them reminding me how to do the slide animations and when to move to the [NEXT] slide.

Larson 2016 LWI Qual empirical research clean

Presentation handouts

This PDF includes all the handouts from the session.

Larson 2016 LWI handout

Draft annotated bibliography

I meant this bibliography to be more complete and more annotated than it is. Nevertheless, this is the best I was able to do given the time constraints.

Larson 2016 LWI biblio


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